5 Fitness Gym Hacks

 5 Fitness Gym Hacks

Athletes and fitness lovers often attempt a leg up when it comes to improving their spent time in the gym. Often knowing the ins and outs of the gym only takes practise, but in this case encourage me to pass on some information.

Here are 5 Gym Hacks for Fitness(fitness gym equipment):

1-Carry a source of water with You

Hydration is one of the health steps that is most ignored in our society. Our lives are so noisy and full of distraction that you can quickly forget about stopping to take a drink of water. Training yourself to be regularly drinking water during the day is a difficult habit enough to follow. Forcing yourself to drink water daily when at the gym is a healthy starting point.

Bring a water bottle with you when you are going to the gym. Do not leave it with your coat or keys, take it with you to any exercise station you 're going to, this will help you remember drinking. I recommend that you take a drink or two in each workout. Buying a good water bottle from the supermarket is an even easier way to trick yourself into drinking. If it's a good bottle you've paid money for, you'll be much more likely to consider taking it with you wherever you go. For extra results, fill your bottle with a BCAA powder mix to give your muscle strength an intra-workout boost.

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2. Wear one extra sheet

Whether you're doing a detox workout or simply eating more calories, add an extra layer of gym clothes than you usually would. Wearing an extra layer, such as a top sweatshirt, sweatpants, long sleeve shirt, or hat will boost your body temperature when you're working. That will make you sweat in the gym more and burn more calories. If after a weekend of drinking or eating you are working out and you want to clean your skin, sweating it out with an extra layer can be the perfect way to get your body feeling good again. Sweating more at the gym physically can be good too, you'll know you've worked even more while you've been there.

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3. Superset up your exercises

If you have two exercises on your list that you can do on the same machine or bench, supersetting these exercises may sometimes be best to save time and increase your workout intensity. You combine two different exercises that you do in succession, when you do a superset. For example, you would do your reps on the bench press if you were to superset the bench press and pushups, then right after you get down on the floor and do 10 push-ups. The advantages of supersets are fantastic, you increase your muscles' strength and effectiveness, so your body learns to work harder and grow stronger and it will actually save time and improve your work outs' performance. If you've completed a full workout with 6 different supersets, you could do 12 different workouts in around the same time you 'd need to do 6. For those days when you have little time in the gym, this is a great technique but you still want to get as good a workout as possible, just do a few supersets and in 30 minutes you'll feel like you've just worked out for an hour.

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4. Give a Title to your workouts

It has its obvious advantages to schedule your workout before you get to the gym. Instead of going to the gym and looking at the machines for five minutes before determining what you want to do, getting a schedule means you can walk in and hit the weights immediately. Ok, here's an even easier hack for adding name to your workout schedule. "The Big Day," "Weekend Detox," or "Hump Day" are just plain examples of the titles you can send. What a title does when you put it at the top of your workout schedule is that it gives your workout a meaning. When we go to the gym with a target or intent in mind we appear to work the hardest, get the best results and enjoy the most of our workout. It's basic psychology but something I'm sure most of us don't already apply when workouts start to get monotonous, and when we begin to lose interest, it's natural. Next time you 're writing a workout, add a title at the top of your page and see how your habits change.

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5. Break your  routines

 Routines are awesome. They get us into the gym, help us to find out what to do while we're there and make our lives easier in general. Over time however, routines can cause regression both inside the gym and outside the gym in personal improvement. In the gym, doing the same workout workouts regularly every week will result in reduced muscle tolerance and development in as short a period as five weeks of repetition. Related consequences for your psychological and physiological wellbeing can also benefit from having rituals in your lifestyle that you carry on for months at a time. Overcome the patterns and repetition of muscle growth by actually noticing and adjusting it after you have been performing the same types of workouts or exercises for a while. For life habits, adjusting the way you go to work or the time you go to bed will significantly impact your day's direction.

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