Buy Makeup, Wear It & Let It Go


You know those days of wearing it when you buy makeup (your favourite one), look good and feel great. But once you're home you're forced to take that out before bed? Well, many of us neglect the removing aspect because all we think about is the pretty face in the mirror in which we fell in love.

At the same time, neither are those storeys that you hear about keeping makeup overnight. They 're true, makeup can damage your skin overnight which isn't exactly what you want. Some products we put as a foundation, a primer, a lipstick can give us an extremely beautiful face but at the same time it can take away the goodness lying inside our skin causing further problems like breakouts, ageing and much more.

So here I'm giving you the encouragement not to wear your makeup overnight, next time:

1. One item that is always found in the organiser of a girl's beauty is a foundation. The foundation is a thick base makeup item that you're wearing throughout the day. You might not see it, but the foundation particles seem to break down over the day that are exposed to pollutants from the environment , causing damage to your skin. Usually the microcirculation process takes place during the night while you are asleep which helps to renew the skin. It will prevent this from happening with the foundation on for long.

2. Most beauty experts suggest using a primer on a daily basis but priming also has the potential to harm your skin. But by choosing what follows after the priming, you can control it. If your primer has been on all day long, don't hold any doubts, it's harmful, but if you choose to follow the same with a moisturiser, it's a better choice.

3. A big no for most of us is the dry and chapped lips. Sleeping with your lipstick on will leave you with chapped lips and you are not looking for that. Always remember to use a makeup remover to remove the product, or brushing your lips before bed and applying a thick coat of lip balm would be the best way. Among those beautiful lipstick colours that you store in your cosmetic organiser (select cosmetic acrylic organiser over the rest available). Brushing will not only remove the colour but will also keep your lips exfoliated and well.

4. Mascara makes your eyelashes look incredible by making it look darker, lengthier and thicker. But this can make your eyelashes brittle, and break easier. You might use a makeup remover, or Vaseline could be another great eye makeup removal product. It could easily fit into your organiser for beauty (select to use an organiser for acrylic makeup over the rest available). Vaseline is at the same time efficient and affordable.

Makeup can make you look presentable and is without a doubt one of the most helpful things made for women, but not all is as beautiful as it might seem. They have bad effects too and now you know how not to let those bad effects affect you.

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