How to Test Food Quality at Home?


It is really important to find out the quality of the food you are eating. Food may be tainted with a foreign material, or adulterated. These will make you sick and unsafe., you must test food quality grade.

Difference between adulteration and contamination

Contamination and adulteration inside the food requires some foreign material. There's one distinction between the two, though. Contamination means there was accidental inclusion of a foreign material. You deliberately incorporate the drug in the process of adulteration.

In general, adulteration means replacing the ingredient of superior quality with the ingredient of inferior quality. It is food dilution, in a way. Adulteration can result in significant health risks. Thus knowing the quality of the food becomes essential, so you should do food testing and quality control.


You can use your senses to determine whether a food is incorrect. If you see a fuzzy fruit, for example, then it is a sign of spoilage. Similarly, if the can is not in good shape a canned product may be considered spoiled. You can also use your sensory organs to detect large amounts of adulterants in the food. For example, the inclusion of papaya seeds in black pepper seeds can be easily examined.

But they can't always be found so easily. The food can often look of superior quality but can be used to adulterate very harmful substances. You need some sort of analysis to make the distinction, you can also search the Internet for how to test food quality.


You can easily do some simple analyses at home or in the school lab. For example , you can easily recognise adding water to milk, adding colours to sugar, adding beverage supplements, etc. These simple tests help to determine the adulterant's presence or absence.

You must do food quality evaluation at home to avoid poisoning you and your family.

Need for Middle Tests

However, you might need to take a step further and use the intermediate test to further verify the food quality(by test food quality levels). More advanced instruments and skills will be needed for these intermediate assessments. The simple tests could only say about the presence and absence, but intermediate tests will say you how many adulterants the food contains.

You may have learned of the Laboratory for Mobile Food Research. It is an example of a medium test service. They have specific forms of equipment in Milk and other dairy products to find out about adulteration. They will do about 23 tests for you.

You can also test food quality by state if it differs from state to state.

Require specialised testing

Your food can often get adulterated in very small amounts. But even that small amount can be harmful to your health. You should opt for advanced testing if you want very detailed details about the adulterants in your food.


Advanced experiments are carried out in a state-of-the-art laboratory by highly trained technicians. For instance, if you want to find out about your honey 's botanical and geographical details, you can go to those labs.

These laboratories use advanced instruments to detect even small quantities of adulterants in your food. If your food passes checks in those laboratories, then you can be completely assured that your food is of very high quality.

By searching for test food quality video, you can see videos explaining this test.

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